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I was wondering if you might be able to suggest some possible causes for the secondary condensate line dripping after the more obvious things have been ruled out.  The repairman has made three visits and treated for clogs and looked for leaks in the line.  He checked to see if the system was set up to drain correctly, and determined that while it was not the most typical way to be set up, it wasn't wrong.  He did change the setup on the second visit, though, since the unclogging process didn't fix the problem.  The secondary line continues to drip with nothing coming out of the primary.  He now wonders if there may be a crack in the main pan.  Isn't this something that can be checked and not guessed about?  

History/background is often important in diagnosis, so I will add that I got my house brand new 8 years ago.  I moved into it in the spring, and within the first couple of weeks of using my air conditioning, my secondary line started dripping.  I called the builder, and they sent someone out to take care of it, and it was fixed.  I didn't notice it happening again until two years ago, and the repair company I'm using now came out and fixed it that time.  Now, no one seems to be able to figure it out.   Any thoughts?  Your help is much appreciated.


Hi Nicole, Yes you can check the pan for cracks, but you would have to pull the coil. This could be costly, so I would eliminate every thing else before I would do it. It doesn't sound like a cracked pan to me.

Does you set up look like any of the pictures?  

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