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QUESTION: How do I find out a SEER rating for my heating/cooling unit. Lendell B.C./Allstyle Coil Co
model VL24-282T+D-5+DS


ANSWER: Hello Adriane!

You'll need more info: I think you've provided the M/N of the cooling coil, but you'd need the mfgr. and M/N of the associated outdoor unit and furnace M/N (Lendell appears to be a furnace mfgr.). You might check the coil M/N, as AHRI does not show "282T".

Just looking at AHRI, it appears that you do not have a Approved combo, as Lendell is not shown in the Furnace list, nor is the coil M/N. If that's the case, there will be no SEER rating.


PS: FWIW, I've never heard of these brands in my 50+ years in the Industry.

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QUESTION: Thanks Fred! So the information from the outside unit is Ruud Model number UPMC-018JAZ. The original information I sent was from inside the filter panel inside the house. Please try again and get back to me. Happy Labor Day weekend!


There are no ratings for that unit at AHRI. I did run across a Ruud UPMC service manual indicating it's a 12 SEER. However, the coil is not a Ruud product, so the rating of your combo is unknown. Again, I never heard of Lendell and Allstyle until yesterday.

That such a combo was cobbled together suggests you'd want to avoid whoever came up with it.

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