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QUESTION: Where can I get a solenoid to replace the bad one on my Janitrol V8168 gas furnace?

Type the number from the "solenoid" on to the address  line on your computer(http://www)or check for a Johnstone Supply in your area.
Janitrol uses the name Goodman now days, check with a Goodman dealer in your area.

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QUESTION: Johnstone said they are wholesale only.  I have been unable to find any local outfit willing to work on a furnace this old.  Quotes for a replacement unit have run into the $8,000 to $10,000 range.  Any ideas?

I have no way of finding information on a Janitrol furnace, V8168 gas furnace
from the past?
Tell me what it is? Forced air or gravity, up-flow horazontal,  or down- flow,closet, basement, roof top.
I don't know what your calling a "solenoid" on a gas furnace?
I don't know what the input BTU's are on your furnace, dose it have air condition added?
A new replacement furnace for your house would cost me about $500 for the furnace a couple hr's replacement labor.
If you can send me a picture of the furnace and one of the so called solenoid.
I started my trade installing Janitrol heating and cooling equipment 64 years ago.

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safety shut-off
safety shut-off  

Furnace in crawl space
Furnace in crawl space  
QUESTION: it is a forced-air, up-flow horizontal furnace.  

The "solenoid" is actually, I guess, a "valve-type safety shut-off; on the cap it identifies itself as 24V, 60Hz, .660 Amp, 9W. It also says "Ans PSI Max *1/2 (perhaps this refers to the fact that the safety shut-off is connected to a 1/2" galvenized line?), and it says UL 64530C; 373K; Elec OP (safety); and Cat#K3A441.  There is an I.T.T. logo on it as well.

In the owners manual (actually Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company "instructions" for the V8168A, B, C & D Adatrol* manifold heat-motor valve"), it has a chart labeled "Sizes and capacities at 1" W.C. pressure drop, which--on the 1/2" column, indicates "Flow cap. C.F.H. of 0.6 sp. gr. gases" as being 130 with pressure reg., and 137 without.  "BTU Ratings Per Hour" for that column are separated into three categories:  Gases less than 800 BTU/cu.ft.; Gases 800 BTU/cu.ft. or more; and LPG.  I don't know which of those first two categories applies in my instance.  Buy under the "less than 800 BTU" category it shows 64,800 with pressure reg. and 68,300 without.  Under the "800BTU or more" category, the figures are 96,000 and 101,000 respectively.  Is this any help?  I will try to figure how to use the "Attach an Image" icon below to attach a few photos I took of the safety shut-off and the furnace.  You will see the shut-off removed from the unit, and in another photo the furnace with the safety shut-off removed.


It's just a plain horozantal gas forced air furnace.
There is nothing called a solenoid on it?
It is connected to a 24 volt thermostat, it has a 24 volt transformer, it has a 24 volt 1/2" gas valve, it has a fan/limit switch, it has a pilot light with a thermocouple, it may have a disc type thermo switch, It has a blower assembly.
What type of trouble are you having with it?

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