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QUESTION: I am thinking of buying a home de humidifier. Do they work well? Are they worth the cost compared to using the a/c. I have an outdoor unit. I'm not sure of the size. I'm wondering if it would be cheaper to run than the a/c.

Hope you can help.

ANSWER: Are you speaking of a whole house dehumidifier or just a stand alone one.  If stand alone, it will only do a certain amount of square footage....  Tell me exactly what you are doing so I can help you with more professionalism.....

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QUESTION: I am looking at the portable ones that only do 1 room but if they work out I may wind up buy more of them. I have a big HVAC unit but it takes a while to cool down my entire home. I live in a 16x68 mobile home and Florida.

ANSWER: They work well as long as you isolate them in a specific room.  Good Luck in your decision....   Eric

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QUESTION: Is there one brand that works more than another? Do they use more, less or the same electricity as an HVAC?

They are independent units so power consumption depends on the amount of moisture in the air in the area you are trying to remove it from.  It has a compressor in it so basically it works like a refrigerator but in reverse.....The large the unit the more efficient it will be.  Hope this helps resolve any questions you have.


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