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i have a TEMPSTAR gas furnace model #NUGI075DF03. For the last couple of winters it has been working very sporadically. When it receives a signal from thermostat to kick in, the pilot light comes on for may be 5 seconds but burners don't, then pilot goes out. After few cycles the burners eventually come on and house gets heated to desired temp. There are times when burners come on at first attempt but that's very random. The status LED indicates "Retry delay- third failure to light on same call for heat , trial for ignition after 5 mins delay" when that happens. When burners come on , the LED indicates Normal operation. Lst couple of years it has always came on eventually, but there's time in the winter when the temp dips real low since furnace needs 5 minutes waiting period to repeat 3 attempts to light up burners.
Your advice is much appreciated

When the burner lights there is an eliment on the far opyist burner away from the pilot that heats and generates a signal that the burners have lit, if the aliment becomes a bit dirties from corrosion the gas valve shuts off, clean the aliment gently with some emery cloth or like material.

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