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I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  I have a Lennox Pulse furnace circa 1986 (my service company tells me).  I called for servicing because the furnace would not turn on.  Upon further examination by the repair technician, we discovered the gas was off.  When turned on, the furnace turned on and began performing.  However, after inspecting the unit, the technician indicated the furnace was "dead" even though the system was working.  He showed me pipes in the back of the furnace that were not flush with the main base - the heat exchange system was going or gone???

Two questions:  Can this furnace that is still running be "dead" or dying?

The recommended replacement is a Daikin 96%, 70,000 BTU.  My house is one floor plus a finished basement - 2200 sq. ft.   The efficiency and BTU seem right but I have never heard of Daikin and cannot find a rating on it.  Can you offer help with info. on the rating of this system and also on the efficiency and BTU?

Hi Lynne, the Pulse was a good furnace and way ahead of it's time. Really the first high efficiency furnace. At 28 years old I would have to trust the service tech on this one. The heat exchanger is probably shot. Yes it could still run with a bad exchanger.

Daikin is a Japanese company that's been around for a long time. They got out out the U.S. market in 1988, but have come back in a few years ago. I have never installed Daikin, but I have heard good things about them.

70K sounds about right for your house. The only way to know for sure is to have a Manual J (load calculation) done.

Hope this helps.

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