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My condo will be getting a new roof.  My air-conditioner is working but is 30 years old so I had always planned on replacing it after the new roof. Now, we are being told that residents with older a/c units will have to pay $250 to have them use a crane to lift the units and roof under them.  The newer units are on (better?) platforms so they will not roof under them, just seal around each platform.  I have a feeling the older units will somehow not be returned to working condition and we will be "offered" to have their (the roofer's) HVAC guy replace the unit (& he doesn't install Lennox, my current brand...30 years/long lasting; he uses Carrier).  They will not promise that any unit will work after being lifted. Should I risk it and get the new unit now?  Is it that easy to do something that would damage a new air conditioner? I hesitate to get a new unit now because during 2 previous roofings there has always been at least one unit that wasn't returned to working order. Then it's a big mess.  The HOA board has already signed the roofing contract.

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