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I recently bought a 2300sqft home in Central Jersey and 50% of the basement is finished space. The other side is unfinished and houses the homes mechanical. The air flow at the registers have been very weak.

The issue is that the furnace is on one side of the home and is trying to force the air through 6" duct and multiple elbows, across the home and up into the second floor.

My good friend does HVAC and wants to overhaul all of the duct work and redo the basement. I just do not have the funds for something like this.

Can you think of any suggestions? What is i was to increase the duct size to 8in in the basement and then reduce the duct before it goes up the wall into the second floor space. All second floor duct work goes up exterior walls, another reason why these runs are very long.

Furnace wise - we have a 80K BTU 97% variable speed ECM blower. We planned to setup the home for 4tons of cooling. This is what the existing owner had previously had.

Thanks for your help - Mike

I would need to know what the cfm of your blower is, what the size of all ducts from the furnace, how many return air grills, size of return air grills, return air duct size's, type of rooms your having trouble with such as "bed room" is there a return in the bed room? do you keep the door shut?

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