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I have a Utica gas fired steam boiler that heats my home. It had been leaking steam from a spot that was visible and easily accessible. I was able to seal the leak with a high temp putty/weld. I can hear another steam leak now that allows a good portion of the steam produced to escape up the flue. I am constantly needing to add water on very cold days. The sheet metal exhaust is sealed to the furnace with a bead of caulk and a bracket. If I remove the flue to seal the leak will I be able to reattach it or will that never again seal properly and run the risk of leaking CO?

You must have some problem in your piping and radiators which is causing you to take on lots of replacement water.  In short, you have a leak in your pipes which is causing the boiler to corrode badly.  It sounds as if your current boiler is beyond repair.  

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