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QUESTION: I have an Amana 80 SSE IIQ Air Command Gas Furnace. It will occasionally blow cold air and when I go to check the unit itself the pilot is not lit.  I have reset it by shutting of the thermostat, electricity to it, and the gas to switch then turning them back on in reverse order, as it says to on the panel. This will get it to work but later it will do it again. What is the issue?

ANSWER: Hi Sarah, I'm having trouble with the website I use to look up the manual for your furnace. Does the furnace have a standing pilot light ( always on )? If this is what you have then one end of the copper line will be attached to the gas valve. The other end is attached to pilot assembly. Try cleaning the the bulb with some light sand paper.

Is there a control board in the blower section? I will keep trying to access your manual.

Let me know what happens.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It is a hot surface direct ignition pilot. It does not stay on. I was having trouble finding the manual as well.

Hi Sarah, Next time the furnace fails, check the LED on the furnace control board. There should be a sight glass on the front of the furnace to see the LED. It should be flashing a code. Then take the cover off the furnace and the codes will be on the inside of the cover.

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