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  I have a 2.5 ton Rheem gas pack that the fan runs for about 60 seconds when you switch it on at the thermostat and then shuts off and the unit doesn't fire up. I have switched the power off and back on at the breaker. I am a very good DIY guy but I need a little direction on where to start with troubleshooting this.

Could you helplease


Gas pack referring to a packaged unit , if so what fan are you talking about the blower ? If so and you put the fan switch from auto to ON the blower motor should run 24/7 independent of either the heat or cool. If this is what you describe then you would need to find the fan relay 24 volt coil and put a voltage tester on the coil side to make sure relay is not dropping out. If you have steady 24 volt ac then you would need to find your two power wires feeding the blower motor to make sure you have constant 220 volt ac ( if that is the voltage feeding your motor ) also free spin the blower wheel , the wheel should turn many revolution before it stops ,indicating the motor is not binding up. As a last reset you can replace the run capacitor. Making sure you get the correct MFD and voltage rating.

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