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QUESTION: I have an Older 1996 Rheem RRGG 07E37JKR Outdoor all in one Furnace with AC.  It has been running since October OK with a few Intermittent times of Lost Heat.  It is now losing heat more often.  I can ALWAYS get the heat back on by turning my thermostat off, waiting a few minutes and simply turning it back on.  I have not lost heat while it gets up to set temperature but can't trust it's continual heating.  It had been running for days and weeks without interruption but lately much more often.  The Thermostat is set to Hold in the Auto Position.  When I have lost heat the fan is not blowing so I think the whole unit is Off, although I have not gone outside to check.  Please any thoughts on parts or what it might be.  Greatly Appreciate your time and help, Sincerely Paul

ANSWER: Hi Paul, The next time it fails, go outside and remove the cover and see if the inducer blower is running. Do you have a voltmeter?

Let me know.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes lost heat again.  Checked unit outside and yes inducer was running but no heat.  Service man just looked at the unit.  Suggested entire furnace replacement.  Not sure about voltage reading.  He did get it to fire up with heat from outside the home without touching the indoor thermostat.  But in all honesty he did not know why it started up short of tapping on things.  I told him I had never gotten it restarted without turning thermostat off then on.  He feels thermostat is ok because inducer was running when he check it.  His final thoughts, short of a new whole unit, was burner replacement though he said they did not look to bad.  He knows something is causing it to lock down intermittently but what ?.  Any thoughts Jim would be so helpful.  Thanks again, PAUL

Hey Paul, I'm a little leery of your service guy. IF the unit was down when he got there he should be able to find the problem. Also, " tapping on things" is no way to diagnose the problem. I do agree that your stat is probably OK. There should be a control board in this unit that will flash a code, see if you can find it.


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