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I am a first time home owner (finding out, its not all its cracked up to be) I recently had my a/c replaced, condenser unit on the roof and air handler in closet.  Well, my major dilemma is, that the company never measured the size of my closet and the handler they installed (which I live in a 900 sq ft condo, they sold me a 2.5 ton unit)
the handler is double the size of the one I originally had, so this new one completely blocks access to my hot water tank.  In other words, if anything happens to my H2O tank, I'm screwed because the air handler is ginormous.  So my question is, what is the minimal size I can have handler to make room in closet and still be able to accommodate the 2.5 ton?
specs are 2.5 ton split system (Rheem 410A), 14.0 seer (seasonal energy eff. ratio)5KW Heat...Help!!! the noise is unbearable and I'm so afraid of the inaccessibility to the H2O tank.
Thanks for any help.!

First off, 2-1/2 tons to serve 900SF (IE: 360 SF/Ton) is criminal. What a shame.

You might consider reporting them to your local building official, as they've created a Plumbing Code violation by blocking access to the water heater: 2012 IPC para. 502.5 requires a 30x30 working space at the water heater, and prohibits having to first remove another appliance to access the water heater.

You'll also have to replace the 2-1/2 with a 1-1/2 ton heat pump (IE: 600 SF/Ton, which should be OK assuming you're in a hot climate and have a lot of sunlit glass). That'll permit a physically smaller fan coil unit, and greatly improve summer humidity control. Leaving the 2-1/2 will surely lead to problems.


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