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I have an LG LP1413SRH portable air conditioner/heater. The LG site says it is a true heat pump so it does not have heat strips for the heater function to operate. The air conditioner works perfectly. It cools around 650 sq ft even with temps in the 90's in Alabama where it is very humid. The problem is with the heat function. When I switch to heat mode, the compressor kicks on and the air starts getting warm. After 10-15 seconds, the compressor kicks off and will not kick on again without unplugging the unit for a few seconds. I have got the heat to work a few times by cycling through this process of unplugging and powering on a few times but once the compressor kicks off, it will not start again without going through this process again. When the compressor kicks off and I power the unit off and back on, the blower also will not start until I go through the power cycle process again. When the heat started, it worked fine and heated the room as it should. I can replace the unit for a few hundred dollars but if it is something simple, I would like to fix it. What would make a heat pump work on cool but not heat? I have cleaned the filters and coils and there is nothing restricting air flow. The compressor does not make any odd sounds and it produces heat when it will work.


Hi Adam, most likely the compressor is tripping off on a pressure switch or the reversing valve is not opening all the way. These portable heat pump's are not DIY friendly. The cost to repair them sometimes exceeds the cost of a new one.

Hope this helps, JIM

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