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QUESTION: I am trying to light the pilot. It has instructions on the side that do not match match the switch mechanism. The black knob has settings for "ON", "PILOT" and "C". The instructions instead indicate there should be an "OFF". It says I should be able to depress the black knob, but it doesn't depress nor does it look like it can. There is also red button that can be, but the instructions don't mention it, except to say it's called "reset". The master emergency cut off was on and the knob was set to "ON" when the gas was turned off. Now that gas is back on, lighting the pilot while turning the knob to "PILOT" and depressing the red button had no effect. Is this the correct way to light the pilot? The unit makes noise while the emergency switch is "on", but I don't hear gas coming from the pilot.

ANSWER: Maurice,

You mentioned the gas is back on, what reason was it off for? Possible you have air in the line ( not unusual , if gas has been off or gas line has been open to atmosphere ) to me the black knob just turns as you state, and setting it to pilot and pressing the red button is correct. You have to make sure you keep the red button depressed for 60 seconds, if you cannot hear the gas your pilot orifice may be plugged ,or possible you tripped a high limit control. You may have to crack the union ( there should be one near the gas valve and purge air out until you smell raw gas then tighten ) or have someone who is in the trade do it. If you have air in the line pushing in on the red knob may take forever to get rid of the air. Suggest calling a service company, pay the one hour labor charge to get it going for you.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your response. The gas was turned off due to a complicated payment snafu. Can I ask what do you mean by "purge the union"? Is the union where two pipes meet? Does crack means to open the valve itself?


There should be a metal union that joins two pieces of gas pipe located between your gas valve and gas shut off if you have black ridged pipe. You would need to know how to loosen the nut on the union without moving the threaded fitting on the union as you may create a gas leak . Personally if you had to ask what a union is, your better off calling for service as it's not a job for someone who is not familiar with gas appliance. I'm not saying that is your problem but it is a good starting point .

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