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We moved into an older house with a Rheem RMA 060 furnace installed in 1998. The previous owner 'thinks' the filter is washable.  Is that typical and should I wash it? OR replace it with a disposable one?


Hello Julie,
         I personally do not like washable filters. The material that is used in washable filters tends to restrict airflow which causes your system to be less efficient . We usually recommend installing a pleated filter accordion style filter like this : http://www.hvachowto.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/HVAC-filter-300x243.jpg . Its not necessary to buy the expensive $10 to $15 dollar filters you see at Home depot or Lowes . The filter you see in link above are usually $2 to $5 each . There are HEPA style filters that are on market that are 4" to 5" thick that are extremely effective and do not restrict air flow that are very effective and filter change is only require once or twice a year . This style does need a special filter cabinet install though . The benefits of a quality filter isn't just for indoor air quality it also keeps your evaporator coil clean & keeps the efficiency of you equipment at its peak.   

         Marcus  http://www.airzero.com

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