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 I have an old package unit (over 25 yrs old) Iím pretty sure the compressor died.  It has been humming when it starts for a couple of years.  I can hear the contactor click but it wont start. One time it dimmed the lights in my house as if it had a dead short, but it didnít trip any breakers.
 Through the years I have replaced squirrel cage blower and shroud, low voltage transformer, evaporator fan, and multiple capacitors and even fished a dead possum out of the round flex duct work connecting to the house.  I figure now is the time to replace the unit and I will need to hire a contractor.
 On my first proposal the tech informed me my house is 1546 sq ft and would require 33000btu/3 ton unit.  A Trane 14seer with heat pump would mount right up and cost $4242
 He is recommending a Goodman 14 seer with electric heat, which would require a prefab slab conversion and duct adapter kit for  $3678  He claims they both have 10 year warrany so the Goodman is just as good and the heat pump makes the Trane more expensive.  I live in south Florida (Ft. Laud) and only occasionally use heat.
I suspect he gets a cheaper price on the Goodman.
What is better about a heat pump?
Is 14seer good enough for package unit ?
Are these prices high?  3ton Trane 14seer $4242  3ton Goodman 14seer $3678
I plan getting a couple more estimates or even hiring my neighbors brother to install it as a side job.  He installed another neighbors with no problems.

Iím looking for any advice on how to find a good contractor and what to look out for.
If I hire my neighbors brother what concerns should I have regarding warranty etc.?
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Sorry for the delay in answering the question.  I was on vacation and forgot to place myself on vacation.

I used to live in S. Fl. many years ago.  You do not need a heat pump down there.  When you start to work your way north to about Orlando, heat pumps are used because the heat is used more often.  Heat pumps are cheaper to run vs. strip heat.  When I lived in S. Fl., I would only turn the heat on a couple of times of year.  The price of the unit sounds about right.  The price for units vary from place to place and there are differences in what it takes to install them.


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