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I rent from my gas company a 500 gallon LPG storage tank that has been buried under foundation planting for over 15 years. I asked them about the lifetime of the tank, and they offered to send someone out to check the “cathodic protection”. Although of somewhat technical inclination, I have no idea what they are talking about. Can you explain?


Cathodic protection is a procedure used to protect an object from corrosion by making it a cathode. To make a tank a cathode, you have to attach an anode to it. Both have to be in an electrolyte such as earth or water. To protect a propane tank, you would attach an anode consisting of a 17-pound bar of magnesium metal packed inside a cloth bag containing 28 pounds of conductivewww.midwaygas.com earth backfill with a wire that is attached to the magnesium and to the tank. The magnesium metal is a source of electrons for the iron atoms and it is from where D.C. current originates. As long as enough electrons flow from the magnesium through the wire and the connections to the tank, the tank will not corrode. At the same time, a small amount of direct current flows from the magnesium metal, through the earth to the tank. The current is less than one amp.

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