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I had my HVAC system replaced and the contractor told me he had a great deal on 15 SEER 3 ton units so we decided to go with it however, when he installed the unit, the outside condensers ID tag clearly indicates the unit is 14 SEER. I didn't notice it until they had it 95% installed. When I questioned it the contractor told me the air handler decides what SEER rating the unit is. I'm not sure if that's correct or this guy shamed me. I originally wanted the highest SEER rating I could get but he told me it's not worth it as the electric savings is not that significant. I would appreciate your input on this topic........Does the air handler make a 14 SEER a 15 SEER unit? Thanks

      Overall seer rating is the combination of the condensing unit ( outside unit ) and the air handler ( inside unit ). It is determined by the AHRI rating ( Air‑Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute ) . AHRI tests the equipment from various manufacturers and rates each unit to give it an efficiency rating .
 It is possible to have a 14 seer condensing unit and say a higher efficiency air handler to have an overall value of a 15 seer unit . The overall energy saving between a 14 and 15 seer is minimal . If you send me the brand and model number of both the condensing unit and the air handler I can confirm what seer level unit you have installed . Hope this helps


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