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I have a Heat n Glo sl-750tr-c gas fireplace that's about 6 years old. It's used at most 20 hours per year since we are in California.
This year I discovered that the fire is not able to stay on. Here is what I know:
- the fire place lights up correctly
- the fire stays on for exactly 2 minutes, I timed this at least a dozen times
- when the fire goes out the pilot goes out as well, but the igniter keep on clicking
- if i try to start it again right after it goes out it will not come back on
- but if i wait about 15 minutes before trying to start it again it will light up fully for another 2 minutes
- I just cleaned the chimney so it is not clogged.
- with the front glass panel removed the fire stays on for as long as I leave it running.

Any idea what this could be?
Appreciate your help!


ANSWER: Hi David, One thing that caught my eye was when you remove the door it keeps running. That tells me it might be going off on HI-Limit. Do you have access to the electrical compartment?

Does the igniter click all the time when you have flame? Once the flame is established the igniter should stop.

Let me know, JIM

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

electrical compartment
electrical compartment  

fire place
fire place  

Thanks for your response. That's a good observation. I do have access to the electrical compartment if what you mean is the component shown in the attached picture.

Also the igniter does NOT click once the flame is established. It only clicks once the flame goes out.



David, I found the manual for your fireplace. The wiring diagram is a little iffy, looks like a 3rd grader might have drawn it....HA. But your pics help. The orange wire should go to the igniter and the white wire goes to the flame sensor. Trace the white wire to the sensor  and see if you can remove it. Clean it with some light sandpaper and reinstall.

Let me know if this helps. JIM  

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