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Thank you Craig for the response.
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I have a Magnaflow Industries Inc. Unit installed in my condo. It is a ceiling mount with not much space. I am trying to find a replacement, however I can't seem to find any specs on this unit.
I need to need to know ton/seer
Model# MFFM 24-5 Serial# C-6493-85
If you can help me with any info or a replacement Model I would appreciate the help.
Could you give me some idea what Co. You would recommend?
My condo is located in SW Fl. It is 1093sq.ft. Typical concrete block and precast construction. I own an end on the first floor, unit with 3 windows facing south. Window size is 36"X53" the front of the building is shaded by large trees.
I have looked at a Goodman 2.5 ton 13 seer air handler and condenser. Although I have been a General Contractor for the past 20yrs. I am not an expert on these pancake units, I have never used them. My confusion is due to choosing the right product. I have asked 2 A/C Co. for an estimate and received price from $1800.00 for 2.0 ton 12 seer complete with install using Goodman equipment. The other quote is for a 2.5 ton 13 seer Johnson Controls for $2900.00 complete with install. I am not cheap but I do want the best bang for my buck, I know you get what you pay for, I just don't get the big price swing.
Both quotes are from licensed and insured Contractors that have a good reputation in this area.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Without looking at the scope of work it is hard to me to sit here and say which is better.  Pancake units are no different in the way the work then any other unit.  They are just designed to fit into tight places.  They are also not as common so the supply is limited compared to a standard air handler.  

The cost of both quotes do not seem all that bad to me.  The difference in cost is the difference between a entry level and the next step up.  The one being larger will increase the cost of the unit some. Some companies just charge more to install units and want to make more money.  You as a GC know there can be a difference in cost on the same project with the same scope.

You have give me the model numbers or better details on the units being install I will compare the two.


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