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Hi Joe:  I live in California and I have a WeatherKing updraft 60000 BTU input upflow residenial furnace.

Model# GUWHE060C-D3C,   S/N  GN3D204 F4788 1882  Mfg date 1987

While getting it ready for start up a few days ago I noticed that the Nox Rods are in very poor shape.  There are 3 burner tubes, each ~ 18" long and each with two 0.250" x 18.5" Nox rods just above the left and right sides of the burner tubes.  All 6 rods have sections narrowed to .125" to .062" in dia and are severly sagging in these areas.  

At Sears Parts Direct, there are no Nox rods shown or offered on their GUW series Weatherking page.  However, on their page for a Goodman GDPS100-4 furnace, the burner tubes and nox rods look exactly like what I have.  The link for the Goodman diagram/parts list is:

The Nox rods are Item 7 and are Goodman Part #: B18112-00 ($69.92 ea).

I have also located these same B18112-00 nox rods at  

for $10.50 ea and at

for $11.55 ea.  At these sites they are described as B18112-00 .250" x 18.5" (exactly the same size as the nox rods in my WeatherKing).

Here are my questions:

Q1.  Can I remove the existing degraded nox rods now, and operate the furnace safely without them, until I get replacements?  I am not worried about a few days of making more nox, I just want to make sure there is no possibility of damaging the heat exchanger or burner tubes.  

Q2.  Is there any reason that the Goodman B18112-00 nox rods would not be a fully compatible replacement part for my WeatherKing?  I guess it might be a different alloy, but since they are all Nox rods, it seems like it should be close enough? I read somewhere that furnace nox rods in general include silver in the alloy mix....  

Q3.  I haven't tried to remove any of the rods yet.  I suspect they may break as I attempt to remove them.  If they do, any suggestions?  I suppose that if they break and I cannot get the far ends out of the far end holes, I will have to remove the burner assy to do that.  More work, but, probably not so bad....

Q4.  What happens in a less observant guy lets the nox rods break up unknowingly on top of the burner tubes?  I guess they might pug up some of the burner ports and perhaps maybe melt into some of the ports? Have you ever seen cases of neglected and desintegrated nox rods?

I don't know where you are located, nor do I know if nox rods are used anywhere besides California.  I am hoping you have some experience with these type of nox rods.

Thats all I can think of for now. Otherwise the furnace works great and looks like new.  Hard to believe that 60000 "Btu input" handles 25 degree nights followed by 45 degree days, with no problem at all in our 2100 sq ft home  (but it is all 2x6s)....

Thanks for your time in consideration of this question.  I have never used the allexperts site before, but it seems like a great idea.   V/R, Steve


I live on the east coast, and have not seen these, I personally would buy the OEM type, may want to buy an extra one or two in case of breakage during install. I personally would run your system as is and order and install when they come in instead of running without. I personally would remove the burner tubes to replace as it may hook in a slot in the rear end of the burner tubes.

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