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Model 58RAV055-110gc
Problem: top burner has intermittent ignition. When it does ignite, it has good flame but doesn't stay on.
Maintenance already performed: New control board. New flame sensor.
Control board indicates all good. Cycles through all the motions and tries to ignite but won't stay lit. Cleaned the orafices and burners. Blew compressed air through burners and tube. Adjusted gas flow to increase gas pressure slightly. Ensured solid ground to circuit board by independent wire. Looked for cracks in heat exchanger by visual inspection (eyes only). 24v good. Control board is ICM 281.

Going nuts! Help before I commit myself to an asylum.

From what your discribing it's your frame sensor.
The flame sensor eliment can just be dirty, can clean with fine sandpaper strip or emery cloth, or the other end has a wrong conection or loose connection, make sure the flame burns on the flame sensor eliment.

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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