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QUESTION: I have been experiencing problems with my unit.
It would come on for few minutes then burnish would shut off. So ,I replaced the batteries in my thermostat, then I replace the  flame sensor and igniter. But since I've done all that, it works much better but still have a problem. Now I have to get up every night about 3 AM  to flip   The  unit switch  off and then back on.  When I do that, it works flawlessly for about five or six hours. So that's what I've had to do for the past three nights.   It Would wake me up  every  morning  because, fan air ( instead of heat ) is blowing  through the vents onto my face. So when I get to the unit, It's running but the flame has shut off. So I flipped the switch off on that unit itself, wait three seconds cut it back on, And it's good for six hours. What do you think this could be?

ANSWER: There are several things that can cause the furnace to lock out and quit heating.  The unit should have a troubleshooting (flashing light) on the control board in the unit to tell you why it is locking out.  From there, you can then try to determine why it is faulting.  Look in the unit for the fault code, otherwise you will have to search the net.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: when i checked it, the blinks were 5.

also noticed whenever i heats cuts off, when i get to the unit i notice the fan continue to run and wont shut off. not enen with the thermostat, i have to pull plug to shut it off.

you think maby i just need a new board?

Did you check to see what the code 5 is?  I believe from what I have found it is sensing a flame where there is not suppose to be one.

So, that breaks down like this...
 The flame sensor is no good.
 The gas valve is not closing.
 The control board is not working right.

This is not a good thing.  I would highly suggest you turn off the gas to the furnace and have it looked at.  Most of the time flame sensors do not fail showing a flame.  They normally fail because they do not sense the flame.  If the valve is stuck open you could level your home with a nice big bang!!!!  The fan is staying on because it is trying to protect the furnace and your home.  


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