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I live in a single story brick ranch, with a full basement, and heat with electric (Heat pump) My basement has always been freezing cold in the winter, so in an attempt to remedy that, and hopefully lower my heating bills, I installed a pellet stove in the basement. The basement is now warm and toasty, and some heat does radiate to the upstairs, but I am curious about whether a cold air return duct in the basement would bring more heat upstairs. Currently there is no cold air return in basement, and the manual for the pellet stove cautioned against placing the stove too close to a cold air return. The stove is on the opposite end of the basement from the heat pump, so would you think I could add a cold return near the heat pump, and would it help lower my heating bills?


Having the return opposite of your pellet stove should not be an issue, whether it will lower your heating bill is another story. If your basement is say 70 degree and your upstairs is close to that temperature , your upstairs return temperature and your basement temperature are similar so to me you will not be saving much. Leaving the return open during summer ( if you have central air ) you may be  mixing in cool musty air from the basement into your upstairs return and discharging it into your residence.  

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