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I have a Comfort Glow space heater M/N CJ18NL and it will stay lit anywhere from 15-60 minutes then the pilot and the burners go out. The entire area around the pilot has been blown clean and brushed with a small brush. Inside and out is clean. Is there an adjustment somewhere for me to increase the pilot flame because it is not as big as is on an identical heater I have in another room. What could cause this? Would appreciate your help. Frank

Sorry for the delay Frank, but I don't get too excited about people who can't or won't read. I'm referring to that portion of my bio that says I don't handle "service and repair" questions.

Please ask an Expert with the requisite knowledge and experience.

Merry Christmas.

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I can't help you if your whatsis won't work, people (Especially if it's a refrigerator); I have no experience with appliances, and I haven't been involved with H&AC service and repair since March 08, 1996 (Thank the Lord); I always send a "standard" reply to appliance questions and H&AC "Service and Repair" questions (about 20 a month), so if you want to know why your whatsis isn't working like it used to, ask someone else. A lot of my answers arenít read by the questioners; in that event, I always send reminders to read the answers for a month or more (the word "idiots" comes to mind - actually there's another more appropriate word, but discretion prevents its use here). If you have questions about how big a unit you need, if one room's warmer than the others, if you want an opinion oas to scope of work on bids received, etc. just ask. Do visit www.askweldin.com, there's a lot of good information on sizing, ductwork, efficiency, as well as some techniques accomplished DIY-ers can use to troubleshoot and improve their H&AC. Finally, I want to thank all of the kind, serious people whom I meet here: I enjoy working with you. My wife says I'm "snarky" from time to time; as for you others, please use your imagination as to the responses swirling on the snarky side of my brain when I read your questions.


53 years in the business. See www.askweldin.com


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