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The fan motor (Emerson K55HXJPM-9251) on the outside unit (Trane model 2TWB0060) just hums and can't seem to turn the fan. I replaced the run capacitor and that seemed to help for about half an hour, then the motor just resumed humming again. I tried to get the motor to turn by pushing the blades with a pencil, but the blades move several inches and stop. The unit is 11 years old. I took the motor out of the unit and the shaft turns freely. Is my motor worn out, or should I suspect another component? Could the new run capacitor be bad? I live near Frederick, Maryland. Is there a place that I can test the motor and/or the run capacitor?


I don't know what your area has for motor testing?
Motors have a thermal overload built in, when a motor gets to hot it shuts off untill it cools, when it cools it starts again, You can try squirting some W-D 40 onto the motor shaft and see it it can work down the shaft enough to help?
Eventualy I think you'll need a new motor.

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