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The fan motor (Emerson K55HXJPM-9251) on the outside unit (Trane model 2TWB0060) just hums and can't seem to turn the fan. I replaced the run capacitor and that seemed to help for about half an hour, then the motor just resumed humming again. I tried to get the motor to turn by pushing the blades with a pencil, but the blades move several inches and stop. The unit is 11 years old. I took the motor out of the unit and the shaft turns freely. Is my motor worn out, or should I suspect another component? Could the new run capacitor be bad? I live near Frederick, Maryland. Is there a place that I can test the motor and/or the run capacitor?


ANSWER: There is about a 50/50 shot that replacing the run cap will fix the motor issue.  Chances are the bushings/bearings are worn out and once under load the motor will heat up and seize up.  You can turn the shaft by hand because there is no load against the bushings/bearings.  I would just replace the motor and buy a new run cap for the new motor.  Due yourself a favor and only buy an American made run cap.  I say this because the made in China are crap and I end up replacing about 75% of them again due to early failure.  I have yet to have an American made one fail on me due to poor quality.


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I found a place in Frederick, MD that tested the run caps, and both (the old one and the new) tested fine. We found play in the back end of the motor shaft, so you are correct, the bearings are worn out. I've ordered another motor from hvacpartsoutlet.com. Based upon your advice, I'm not sure whether to install the new run cap (made in China) or the old (American, but 11 years old).

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Normally a run cap for a cond. fan motor costs me less then $10 so I ALWAYS buy a new one.  You also have to make sure you have the correct run cap for the motor you bought.  The new motor you bought may or may not use the same size as the old motor.  It is just standard practice for most of use to buy a new run cap when buying a new motor.


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