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I have an old boiler system original to my house, which was built in 1967.  There are three zones in the house, each controlled with their own zone pump.  It is a closed system with no air bleeder valves, air scoops, or other.  When air needs bled from the system, each zone needs flushed separately, which eliminates the air temporarily, but eventually air starts to accumulate in the system again.

I wanted to install an air scoop on the system, but the supply line runs vertically then T's off into each zone. I believe I would need to re-route the supply line to a horizontal position and re-plumb the zones, which is more than I wish to do on an old system.  Which leads me to my question.  

Is it common practice to place Air Separators on each zone separately to eliminate air?  If so, would the best location be at the highpoint of the system just after it T's off to the zone?  I also noticed that air separators slow down the flow rate of the water, some around 6 GPM.  Is this still sufficient flow to sustain heat in the baseboards.

Thank you for your time.

6 gpm flow should not be a problem.  Use microbubble air eliminators.  You must use a diaphragm type expansion tank with these air eliminators.  any location that is in accord with the manufacturers recommendations should work.  More than one is not a problem.

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