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hi...i have two basic questions. first, how do you know its time to get your central air ducts cleaned?  second, after seeing nothing but scams online, how do you know the crew is cleaning out all the ducts properly and you are actually getting a good job done and not wasting money? thank you!!


I suppose if your supply registers blades and surrounding area are dirty , some people say don't waste your time others say clean I would google to see . Short of following them around , it would be difficult to see if they get everywhere . I'm Leary of a very low price that they offer to clean ductwork. Take into consideration the wear and tear of the vehicle , man hours etc.

Good day I'm new to the forum, but I have been reading a lot of post about duct cleaning. One of the biggest issue we have in our profession is education. First let me start off we are a professional air duct cleaning company. We don't clean carpets, drapes, we are not a HVAC company that adds this service to our customers. We do air ducts, we have cleaned fiber board, flex and hard pipe.

First issue is the equipment used to clean the ducts and the procedure to clean. We have equipment that was built and design to clean air ducts. We have a truck mount vacuum system; our unit is powered by a Wisconsin 65 HP gasoline engine delivering 15,000 CFM. Our two stage air compressor gives us 200 psi + of continuous pressure.

If a guy shows up with a brush on the end of a shop vac, send him away. According to a national standard the system must be placed under vacuum. This system can not make the turns needed to clean the entire system. According to the national standard the entire system must be cleaned, main trunk line also. We cleaned a home a few weeks ago that was cleaned by a national franchise company. We found the access hole in the furnace but there wasn't any in the main trunk. When we cleaned the main trunk we heard a LOT of debris going through our suction hose. To clean a home it should take 3-4 hours.

When we clean flex and fiber board we reduce the psi so not to damage the duct work. (see photos).

In closing when hiring a air duct cleaning company please do your home work and hire a professional air duct cleaning company. The government is slowly recognizing the need for air duct cleaning. I know the EPA can not confirm or deny the benefit of air duct cleaning. But when building a new building if it is a LEED project, the last thing that needs to be completed is the ducts being cleaned, if the diffuser were not tape over. Costumers we have cleaned with allergies have stated they believe the indoor air quality has been improve. Now is this may be a psychological response, but after showing them before and after photos we have cleaned there ducts. When completed we talk about filtration systems and other HVAC improvements like leaking ducts etc.

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