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hi...i have two questions about hvac. first, how do you know when its time to get the ducts cleaned out?  second, with all the duct cleaning scams i see online, how can you tell the crew is actually doing a good job and cleaning the ducts properly, and  not having you pay for nothing? thank you!!


You have asked two excellent questions!
1st: I strongly recommend getting your duct system
cleaned every other year. This will eliminate most
of the bacterias and spores that may want to "take
residence" in your duct.

2nd:Be vigilant and watch as the contracors clean
your duct. Cleaning duct is a lot like brushing teeth,
a scrubbing material should make primary contact with
the majority of duct material, especially on the bottom
half of each run.

Finally, I recommend running just your fan/blower for several hours befor
the duct crew arrives. This will help dry ou any moisture in the
runs, and will give the crew nice dry surfaces to clean.

Good luck!  

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