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hi..i was giving some consideration to the subject of gettings the ducts here at home cleaned, but i stopped after looking at you tube and seeing negative things a bout this subject. so i have 2 questions. first, how do you know that getting a duct cleaning needs to be done, and second, if you hire a company to do this, how do you know they will do a good job and not do what these people on you tube were doing. this house was built in 1977; the central air units we have serviced at start of spring and before the winter months. its a seer 16 and runs great; no probs and it does a good job with heat and cooling. i am very good at changing the air filters before they become clogged up, and do what i can do maintain the units. so any advice, one way or the other, would be deeply appreciated. thank you so much!

Theoretically, cleaning the ducts makes sense; yet, I've never been in favor of it.  Rather, removing the blower assembly/clean the blower, re-install.  Cover the discharge-air diffusers with a filtering material and run the blower for a while.
Whatever doesn't break loose probably won't make a difference to air flow.  

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