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I've been all over the internet trying to figure out if I should be worried or not.  We have a very old gas wall heater and sometimes it puts out a smell like gas. Kinda like the gas you put in a car but less pungent.  I heard from a few sources that they make gas smell like sulfur that way you can tell if there's a leak.  It doesn't smell that way.  Also, it's been smelling funny like this pretty much since I moved in like 2 years ago, but some days it's wayy worse.  I guess if it was a gas leak, we would definitely know it by now right?  Just need some reassurance that it's nothing to worry about.  I should probably also add that it smells this way when it's not on and we haven't used it in over a month.  Maybe a way to put the smell into better perspective... you know how when something gets burned onto the stove's burner and you go to make something and it gives off a kind of nasty smell? that's pretty much what it smells like.  It's not typically very strong though.  Could it be because it's so old and probably needs to be cleaned? it's pretty dusty.

Hi Cassi, Any time there is a smell coming from a gas heater I am concerned. What concerns me even more is you smell it when its not running. I would shut it down and close the gas valve. Then call your gas company and have them test it. Most will do this free of charge.

Let me know if you have any more question, JIM

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