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I am helping to advise a good friend with an HVAC problem.  My friend cares for her family including a son who suffers from a lifelong profound physical impairment.  He is unable to walk, feed himself, or do any of the normal physical activities of a child his age.  His current medical diagnosis is "cerebral palsy (spastic quadriplegia)."

  A few years ago, a fire started under my friend's house, and resulted in significant damage.  My friend and her family were moved to temporary housing.  Construction and repairs began in 2012.  My friend and her family returned home about a year later.

  The HVAC system serving the house prior to the fire was removed and replaced with a Rheem HVAC system.  Since my friend and her family moved back into her house, the master bedroom (along with her son's room) is not heated properly, especially when it is below freezing outside the house.  Recently, a technician from a local Atlanta HVAC company inspected the system and wrote a report stating:

  Tech finds issues with hvac equipment.  Master bedroom unit mdl# RHSL.HM4221JA srl# W451104361 RHEEM is designed for heatpump however outdoor unit is non heat pump model mdl# 13AJN42A01 srl# 8393W101103647 RUUD.  System will not keep temperature demand with electric heat only.

  Basement system is also designed as heatpump mdl# RHSL.HM2417JA srl#W361105190 RHEEM however outdoor unit is non heatpump mdl# 13AJN24A01 srl# 8390W421106808 RHEEM.  Basement system may cause poor heating without full heatpump operations.

  A second technician from another Atlanta HVAC company also inspected the system and wrote a report stating:

  Check out and give estimate on what its going to take to fix problems customer is having. Upstairs and basement systems need heatpump and redo condensate pump tubing so it will not freeze.

  NOTES:  2 new heatpumps for upstairs and basement
  New zone system upstairs to handle heatpump system
  Wire up heatpump and ?
  Wire condensate pump and reroute tubing for freezing purposes.

  Total [Cost] $12,861.00

  Can you help me advise my friend?  Does the first report make sense?  What does the first report mean?  Is the cost of $12,861.00 reasonable?  Any advice, suggestions, etc. would be deeply appreciated.

  Thank you.

The model numbers, if accurate, are straight cooling only. This means the house is only heated with heat strips. Heatpumps are a must in GA when gas or oil is not used.    I would have the homeowner get in contact with  the insurance company to find out what was specified. Insurance paid the bill and IMO it would fall in their lap to correct. If the installer messed up it would be on them to fix.  If the home had heatpumps before, it should have heatpumps now.  It might be worth while to seek legal help to make this right.

I can not say if the pricing is good or bad without knowing the scope etc.  

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