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Just spent an hour cutting and clearing area rite around a older Lennox, ( tree in backyard overgrown & had to cut alot of limbs around a/c unit to gain access, to cleanout all of the debree that had collected on top and inside that fell under blower fan ). Once I reassembled fan grate & unit housing over blower fan, reset breaker and turned unit on normally, noticed fan not starting up rite away, and the unit seamed to running hot. Before I check fan, & disassemble fan and housing again, when is the blower fan suppose to kick on?

If your talking about the condenser fan on the outside unit?
When the thermostat calls for cooling the compressor and condenser fan starts right away.
If the motor wont go it may have a dead spot on it,s armature, or may need a start compressor, could be shut off from a thermal overload switch, may need a new motor?

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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