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QUESTION: we live in a doubewide and have a Coleman heating and air unit, all electric. We had contractors add on a room, they took the screws out holding 2 boxes to the outside unit for a/c. on the house to put on siding, my heating and air was working while these were laying on the ground, today they screwed the boxes back to the side of the house and now nothing works, no heat no air

ANSWER: Hi Donna, your probably talking about the AC disconnect. Most likely the pull switch came loose when they put it back on the house. Be carefull with this because there is 230 volts in there. I would turn the breaker off to the AC, which should be inside. Then open the disconnect and  pull the switch out and put it back in. Also take a look at the wires and make sure they are secure.

If you have any more questions let me know. JIM

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QUESTION: my disconnect box doesn't look like the one you have pictured here. I will send you a pic of what mine looks like. will the heater and air unit all be on the same breaker, not sure which breaker to turn off first.

Donna, The furnace and AC will be on separate breakers. Yes that's the disconnect box. You pull the black handle at the top. The AC should have a double 30 amp breaker.

The wires will be located behind the black plastic cover. It should just pop out at the bottom with a screw driver. Take a pic of the wires. They might have wired it wrong. BTW, they might have left the breaker in the off postion.


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