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I have an older model of central heating and a/c.

I put new filters in each month. Through the a/c filter hole, I can reach up inside and clean the a/c coils.

I have been hearing water running or dripping in the walls. So, I changed the filter and cleaned the coils.

It is still running.

There is a clean-out that is outside but it is sealed.

I do not know if it needs cleaning out, or this could be due to low freon. I have lived here three years and except for my doing maintenance, an expert has not been to the home.

I rent this house, and I would like to try to exhaust self-help issues before having the landlord fix this.

Thank you.

If there was water over flowing the unit, I would expect you to see it on the floor or around the unit.  Are you sure the noise you are hearing is water?  Does the noise stop as soon as the unit stops?  I wonder if the noise you are hearing is refrigerant moving though the lines, which can sound like water and is completely normal.


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