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I have a 3.5 ton Miller central air conditioning unit. It takes a 50+5.0 MFD 440/370 VAC capacitor. I have a yellow wire,blue wire,orange wire and red wire, which wires go where on the capacitor? I had a guy com hook it up and I think he crossed up  something cause it keeps kicking the breaker off and I still have no air. The unit is only 6 years old, would I need to put freon in it or wou;d it need to be charged? Please help me fix my air.

Copy and paste this link, hopefully this is the correct wiring diagram for your unit, the wire colors seem to match up.  Please understand that there could be some differences which may not match.  The dual cap is marked, so you need to note what is what.   Without the unit running and the pressures/temps it is unknown if the unit needs any refrigerant.



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