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Our central air has stopped cooling at first it would freeze over and we would defrost it then cut it on and it would run fine until it froze up again. Then it stopped cooling at all but the fan still ran. We bought a new capacitor and installed it. The ac kicked on within seconds but five minutes later its off again and now nothing is working, not even the fan.The ac is 10 years old. What should we try next? Cant afford an to bring ac guy out here. Please help.

Hi Nikki, freezing up can be caused by several things. First thing I would do is remove the filter to make sure there is good air flow across the coil. Try turning off the power to the furnace for about 10 sec then power back up.

This should reset the control board so the fan will run. Before you restart the unit clean the outside coil by spraying it with a hose. Dirty coil will make the compressor over heat and shut down.

Which capacitor did you replace, inside the furnace or outside unit? Did replace it with the same MFD as the old one?

Let me know what you find. JIM

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