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We just bought a house in Charlotte, N.C with a 15 year old A/C gas furnace split system in a crawl.  The crawl has a mold issue mainly due to moisture from broken condensate line draining to the crawl and were are going to have that cleaned up and encapsulate the crawl.  The bids I have gotten to replace the current units have been to do A/C with piped in air to high efficiency gas furnace.
However, I have been looking at the packaged heat pump (Trane 4WCZ6060) as it looks like everything INCLUDING air handler (which gave us grief with mold issue)would be outside and easily accessible instead of in poorly accessible crawl space.  When I asked the companies to re-bid with a packaged heat pump one came back with a little lower price one said he couldn't recommend as I would lose efficiency and it would be too noisy to have outside our bedroom (the current A/C outside unit is on side of home away from our bedroom but the entrance to the crawl is on our bedroom side)  the third company has to get back to me.
What would be your thoughts?   Again I am willing to give up some higher electric costs and not heating up as fast in winter for accessibility.
Question two   one of the bidders said because we have duct board for trunk line we should replace that with sheet metal as duct board blows in fiberglass??

Hey Rod, I think in your case, I would go for the package heat pump. It will be just as efficient as a standard unit. The best location for the unit would be on the north side of the house. I don't see why he thinks he has to locate it outside your bedroom.

I would get rid of the duct board, it does tend to blow fiberglass as it gets older. Sheet metal will have better air flow.

You might think about electric back up heat rather than gas.

Let me know if you have any other questions. JIM

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