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We live in Charlotte, NC with a 15 year split A/C and gas furnace in the crawl.   The condensate line had broken and worsened a mold problem in the crawl and we are going to have that cleaned up and encapsulated.
I have been looking at the packaged heat pump(Trane 4wcz6060) as: it would get everything out of the crawl (except duct work)
The first option of the bids I have gotten have been to replace the A/C and pipe in air to a high efficiency gas furnace giving me a furnace and air handler in the crawl.   but one HVAC when asked by me did bid out the packaged heat pump (it was actually a little cheaper than his A/C gas furnace bid)) one said he couldn't recommend that as I would lose efficiency and a third has to get back to me on my request to re-bid using a packaged heat pump   
My feeling is I'm in the South so really don't need a gas furnace and the accessibility and NOT having the air handler in the crawl would be worth a little extra operating costs   
What is your opinion??? again I really like the idea or not having units (especially the air handler that caused all the issues) in the poorly accessible crawl.  
Question two one person said i needed to replace the duct board with sheet metal as duct board blows in fiberglass?


Packaged units are nice as the refrigerant charge and piping is all complete from the factory ,also the condensate drain line is not an issue, split systems ,you have to worry about brazing the line set , field charging , ( under charged over charged possible kinked tubing if running new tubing ) condensate drain etc. you may want to consider what your back up heat would be if you go with a packaged unit if your heat pump fails, electric or gas. Nordyne makes a packaged unit  with a 95 % condensing gas unit. Not sure if they make it for a heat pump application. In regards to fiberboard duct, they make different types , the all yellow ,is the one that has a potential for flaking, then there is is the yellow to orange , then the best is all black, which has a cloth liner on fiberboard. My old house has the orange peel and after 20 years I'm still healthy and alive. All of a sudden your current duct material is not acceptable? To me the person probably favors metal duct over fiberboard and that's all.

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