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I am having a slight problem with my air conditioning...Our A/C has been working great and couldn't be happier with the temperature inside our home. That was until last night. I'm at work and my wife tells me that the A/C isn't turning on. Unable to help I am freaking out. I get home today and go upstairs to the thermostat and turn it on but nothing happens. So I look up and see a small wet area right under where the heat pump sits in the attic. I grab my ladder and venture up into the attic where I find the drip pan underneath the unit is full of water. I see that the float switch was up so I pretty much knew why the A/C isn't turning on. So I wet vac the water out of the drip pan and try turning the A/C on again and like I called it...the unit turns on. So I'm looking online for answers and make a couple phone calls on what to do. I hear a general consensus to seal the wet vac over the drain pipe and turn it on. I tried that and didn't get much results...maybe 5 oz of water came out and then nothing. So I returned back to the attic where I vaccum the pan again and look for a after all that, here is my question. I cannot find a drain or even a pipe that  leads away from the drip pan. I have literally looked all over it and cannot find anything that looks like a drain. The only pipes that look like they carry water from the unit comes out from the side of the unit with no access to them. So I'm a little stuck on how the water normally drains. Like I said...I cannot find a drain or even a hole in this drip pan. So, is it possible that there is no clogged drain line and that the A/C is just profusely sweating into the drip pan from the high temps outside? Or is there definetly a drain/hole that I am missing somewhere? I'm sry for all the questions. Thanks for ur help and information on this subject!

Your cooling coil has a drip pan under the coil that the condensate water drains into, there is a 3/4" pipe connection that comes off of the side of the drip pan, a pipe or a hose  is connected to the 3/4" connection  to drain the water from the drip pan to the outdoors or to some drain pipe in the attic.
There are different ways the drain line might be installed depending on your AC's installation?
Usually just a gravity flow to the outside or a plumbing vent pipe, some times the condensate water is drained into a condensate pump if it can't gravity flow?

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