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Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC/Lennox Heat Pump outside unit xp13 030 230 01 not working


After a storm a/c stopped working. Called repairman. Said it was capacitor and replaced what was in it with Universal PIN USA 2233. 40 + 7.5 MFD.

Worked for a while then quit. He came back, diddled and said it was defrost control board. He "bypassed" it by connecting y1 wire to a red wire just left of the switch to make fan come on. I noticed capacitor was smaller in size than one he removed. He said new ones are smaller. I ordered new board.

New board comes in. Nothing happens. He said new board is bad and needs to be soddered. He puts old one in. Bypasses it again. A week later put newly soddered board in. Nothing. "Board is no good" he says. I order another one from different company.

I notice that around 1:30 every afyernoon the inside blower is blowing hot air, compressor outside is humming and fan is not running. I hose it down or turn unit off and all goes back to mormal.

Repairman says unit may need to be shaded. So I shade it. May have debris inside panels. So I remove them and clean coils and remove grass and debris. I even trenched around it for drainage and cleaned out as much of inside as I was comfortable doing.

Yesterday new board gets installed. I did it as he has been out here 3 times. Can't afford it. Nothing. No light comes on. Nada. Not a thing. I "bypass" it again. It comes on and contact him. It is not the board. No reply.

Unit was installed in 2006. I just bought place 9 months ago. Last year I noticed it was uncomfortable at 77 degrees. Had to turn it down to 75 to be cool.
What could it be?

Is it fan motor that would cut it off? If so, why does it come on when board is "bypassed"?

Is it a fuse somewhere? Where shod I check?

He has been out 3 times. I cannot afford to keep throwing money at guesses just to be back at square 1.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

The physical size and shape of the run cap means nothing.  What matters is the MFD rating of the run cap.  

The defrost board turns off the fan and runs the unit in "cool" mode to defrost the outdoor coil during extended heating run times.  The fan is off to speed up the defrost.
The guy are you calling out does not seem to know when he is doing.  I have never heard of a new defrost board having to be soldiered.  Though it is possible for a new one to be bad, that does not happen all that often.  

I am not sure what to tell you at this point.  I would have someone else out. Based on what you are told, you can then file a complaint against the first guy if you think you have been had.


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