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Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC/LENNOX outdoor unit XP13 030 230 01 issue


Called repairman when fan on unit stopped working day after storm. He said it was capacitor. Replaced it with 40 + 7.5 MFD (it is smaller in physical size than one he pulled). Fan came on but only for short while. Called him back out.

He then said it was the control board. That power was not going to it. He spliced the y1 wire to a red wire and unit worked. Waitied for new board. Since he did this the fan shuts off at hottest time of day...usually around 1 p.m. when sun is right over house...but I can hear compressor humming and indoor blower begins blowing hot air.

Called him out again. He said it sounds like it was working as hard as it can and probably needs shade. At another time he said it sounded like a bad capacitor. I reminded him he just changed it and then he said possibly fan motor.

I have shaded it and removed panels and cleaned any debris from coil as well as around unit. When I hose it down or shut it off for 15 minutes or so the blower begins pushing cool air.

He installed board but nothing happened when he put it in and he said  the sodder(sp) was bad and of course they would not replace. So had to order another, from different company.

Got second new board and installed it. Same thing. Red and green lights are not coming on and unit is still "bypassed".

Any ideas on what problem would be?

I bought house in September 2014. Unit was installed in 2006. Prior to this thde only problem I noticed was house was muggy feeling at 77. Would have to lower thermostat to 75 to comfortably cool house.

Thank you.

Sorry I do not have experience with boards.

If you have a multispeed, or ecm blower on the indoor unit you can control the system with a humidistat available with instructions from the manufacturer to reduce the moisture content of the air in the house.  Dehumidifiers are also very reliable.  

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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