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I have a GE Ambassador Mark 2 furnace. While putting in a new hot water heater it caught the refridgerant line and all the freon escaped. I tried soldering the old piece back together and it worked. However, it leaked too so I shut off the unit so the freon i pumped back in wont leak out. I need the proper piece for the line so I can get it to work. Any thoughts on what I can do or where I can get the part. Its the female with two bolts where one screws on the unit and the other tightens that line. It leaks between the two. I tried finding some other parts to try and fit them on but nothing works. I need help finding the part or a replacement coil. Any thoughts? Thank you so much.

There is far more to this kind of repair than information you gave; are you in the industry?  do you have a vacuum pump?  oxy/acetylene torch?  what kind of refrigerant?  If you're in the trade, that's one thing but this is not the forum in which you can be taught how to make such a repair.

Feel free to respond.

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