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I have an outside a/c unit, the blower inside serves
the a/c and furnace. With thermostat set to cool, fan in auto or on after setting the temperature you hear a click and then continuous "buzz" from the blower, but it does not come on. If I
open the blower panel and spin the blower fan then close the safety switch, it starts but air pressure through the radiator vents is very poor, very low volume output. Started doing this without warning, no lightning storms or anything like that. The indicator light on the circuit board is a solid red as it always is. The outside unit still comes on as normal. Thanks.

Blower cap
Blower cap  
Hi Ron, If the fan will run after you spin it then the capacitor is bad. They are easy to change out. The blower cap will be located in the blower compartment. It should look like the one on the left with two connectors in the pic. It could also be oval. If you have a Grainger's in your area they will have a replacement. Just take the old one with you so they can match the MFD.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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