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I have a coleman evcon split system.  I replaced the run capacitor yesterday at around 5pm.  The system was running good until around 10pm that same night, when I noticed that the air coming out of the floor vents was not real cool.  I went out to check the outside unit and it was not operating.  It was also ma king a racket.  I pulled all the circuit breakers (6) and turned the unit off and waited 30 minutes and turned everything back on.  The outside unit did not come back on but the inside fan is still comes on by the thermostat. The capacitor I bought was 35+7.5 and 4-RO was written next to it with magic marker.  The unit I brought in was extremely rusted and they couldn't read anything on it.  I have a 2ton coleman evcon split system and the numbers 70236910789 were in the box where the capacitor is. Please advise on what I should do next.

     If you can give me the model and serial number of the condensing unit ( outside unit ) I can reference if you did install the correct capacitor . If the capacitor is incorrectly installed / or wrong size capacitor it could keep the unit offline and also cause additional damage to compressor and condenser fan motor . It is also possible damage had occurred from previously failed capacitor - with the capacitor out of the circuit the compressor and fan motor pull excess amperage potentially causing damage . If you like give me a call at the company web site just ask to speak to Marcus.  

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