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Thank you for taking the time to help me. I have a 400 sq ft attached garage on the basement level, with living space above. The garage is very damp 3/4 of the year. We believe the issue is with the floor being poured and sealed improperly, and we aren't in a position to have it replaced. I have been looking into two possible solutions. One is an exhaust fan system designed for larger spaces. This would be mounted in a block window. The comcern is that if this is running on a humid day, then the air that is exhausted will just be replaced with humid outside air. Is this correct? The other option is to intlstall a wall-kounted dehumidifier. The only reason I'd rather not do this is because of the cost to run it. Do you have any suggestions for the best way to address this problem? Do you have any equipment suggestions? Thank you again.

An exhaust fan is just going to move air around.  If you push air out, then air has to come in.  If the air outside it hot and humid, then hot and humid air is just going to go back into the space.  A dehumidifier will help, but that is going to be an electrical cost to run it.  Basements are typically cooler, so that makes it even harder to reduce RH levels.  I do not something had a similar issue and installed a new heat pump hot water heater in the basement.  The unit runs and heats the water while removing some moisture from the air.  It also reduced some of his hot water heating cost.  Keep in mind it is important to seal off the basement to prevent the humidity from getting in there as much as possible.


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