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RUUD System - 4 ton with R22
20+ years old...

Recently, I changed the compressor, fan motor, capacitor, and also updated it with a hard start kit to conserve energy. We replaced the compressor because it kept cycling on and off before the house cooled. I was told the compressor was getting too hot and stopped as a protective mechanism. It eventually would start again and then just cut off.  

We now have a brand brand new and is still cycling on and off before the house cools. It cant certainly be running hot again - since it is new right?

We checked the and cleaned the coils, they are clean.
Changed the filters...
Also check the right voltage is generating to all electrical hubs...

...what could be my problem? If I have a new compressor....what other things can we check...look for?

Im afraid these guys will say I need a new unit, after paying for the fan motor, capacitor, and compressor. This has all happened over 6 weeks.

They diagnose something - fix it and then it stops again.

I do not want to buy a new system as I feel like replacing all of these parts has really given me a new system.

I am stumped. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any advice.


They never diagnosed the problem correctly originally. Once you change a compressor they should have replace the drier, or install a filter drier if it never had one. No mention from you if they changed the drier. Possible you have a restriction at the drier or metering device and it's cycling on a low pressure control instead of the internal temperature sensor. Typically when a internal temperature on the compressor opens and the compressor shuts off, the outdoor fan still runs, whereas if the compressor shuts down on low pressure both the compressor and outdoor fan shuts off then both restart together once the pressures rise and the low pressure control closes. How long is the labor warranty for as you should continue to call them back until it's fixed. You do state that it cycles on and off before it cools the house cools? So is the compressor running at all , does it cycle on off and never cool the house. If you get no satisfaction  from the company who installed these parts you may have to call another company. To me if they are unable to fix your problem ( at no cost to you ) they are not a competent group. Possible the fan motor they replaced is not the correct rating ( HP, amperage rating is lower than original ) and it runs fine for a while then it stops ( due to overheating ) due to drawing higher amprege than what is rated for, meanwhile the compressor continues to run ( if you do not have a high pressure safty switch )  and trips on internal overload. The outdoor motor cools enough to restart the fan without anyone seeing it. I do not know what else to tell you via internet, to me it sounds like a restriction in the system, and not enough refrigerant is getting back to the compressor to cool it properly  

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