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I know the difference between the stages and the benefits, but would I be able to tell once it is installed?  I had a 2 stage installed 3 months ago, but have never heard it run at more than 1 speed.  It cools everything just fine, but I don't want to pay for a 2 stage if I'm only getting 1 stage performance.  Live in the northeast, plenty of 90+ days, I would have expected to "hear" the 2 stages.

Donald ,

You should ask all your questions to the installing Contractor as there should be at least a one year labor warranty ,quite possible your unit is oversized for your residents. Did they do a load calculation on your house or just swap out same size as old one ( if you had a A/C unit )  if you lowered your thermostat many degree below room temperature does your 2nd stage come on. Was the system set up correctly, does your blower motor ramp up or run at different speeds or is it constant. You should ask the installing Contractor the sequence of operation under different temperature ranges from your t-stat set point. How does your system work when the room temperature is 2 degree away from your t-stat set point compared to being 7 degree away. Ask them to explain it to you

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